Ecumenical XX (on Faith and the Church)

SESSION IV (July 18, 1870)*


Royal Assent *

[From the Allocution, “Luctuosis exagitati,” March 12, 1877]


1847 . . . Very recently We have been forced to declare that the following can be tolerated: that the acts of the canonical institution of certain bishops be shown to a secular power, so that, as far as We could, We might avert certain baneful consequences, in which there was no longer question of the possession of temporal goods, but of the consciences of the faithful, their peace, the care and salvation of souls, which is the supreme law for us, and which were called into open risk. But in this which We have done in order to avoid most serious dangers, We wish it to be known publicly and again that We entirely disapprove and abominate that unjust law which is called “royal assent,” declaring openly that by it the divine authority of the Church is harmed and its liberty violated. . . . [see n. 1829 ].


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