The Eastern Form of the Apostolic Creed




8 ST. JUSTIN MARTYR. See above [n. I]


COPTIC APOSTOLIC CONSTITUTIONS (Constitutiones Apostolicae Copticae) orthe Constitutions of the Egyptian Church in Funk, Didasc. et Const. Apost. II (1905) 97 ff., show the Apostolic Tradition (Paradosis) of Hippolytus (on which see above n. 2-3) in the Orient also changed as a creed. Therefore, it seems to be a witness also for the eastern form of the Apostolic Creed.



[of Saint Cyril of Jerusalem] *


9 1. a. We believe in one God the Father Almighty

  1. The creator of heaven and earth
  2. and of all things visible and invisible
  3. a. and in one Lord Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God
  4. who was begotten of the Father
  5. true God
  6. before all ages
  7. by whom all things were made
  8. a. (who for our salvation)
  9. was made flesh (of the Holy Spirit and Mary the virgin)

and was made man

  1. a. was crucified (under Pontius Pilate) and was buried


  1. a. arose on the third day
  2. (according to the Scriptures)
  3. a. and ascended into heaven
  4. and sits at the right hand of the Father
  5. a. and comes in glory to judge the living and the dead
  6. of whose kingdom there will be no end
  7. a. and in one Holy Spirit the Paraclete




  1. who spoke among the prophets

9* . and one holy [Catholic] church

  1. a. and in one baptism of repentance
  2. in the dismissal of sins
  3. and in the resurrection of the flesh
  4. and in life everlasting


12 EUSEBIUS , died about 340, bishop of Caesarea, Ep. ad suam dioec.[Socrates, Hist. eccl. I,8, 38; MG 67, 69; H. sect. 123; L 18]. Eusebius offered his creed. to the Nicene council in 325, which used it to establish its own form.


  1. CYRIL, bishop of Jerusalem-Catecheses 6-18, held before 350 (351) [H sect. 124; L. 19; MG 33, 535 ff.]. He gives out a Creed used before 325; its text is construed otherwise by some [Macarius of Jerusalem, predecessor of St. Cyril, seems to have had the same creed, at least according to the: headings].


  1. EPIPHANIUS, died in 403, bishop of Salamis in Cyprus.- Ancoratus, written about the year 374; contains at the end two formulae, of which the shorter is here considered; [cf. the longer, n. 13 LI ; the Creed is believed to be older than the Ancoratus [H. sect. 125; L 19 f.; ed. K. Holl. 1915, 148; MG 43, 232 C].


CONSTITUTIONES APOSTOLORUM VII 41, of the beginning* of the fifth century [otherwise, of middle of fourth century; it contains certainly more ancient materials (MG 1, 1041 C. Funk, Didascalia et Constitutiones ApostolorumI, Paderborn: 1905, 445)]. The Creed, as far as many parts are concerned, belongs to Lucian Martyr* (died 312); it shows a Syro-Palestinian* form.