The Incarnate Word *


    [From St. Hippolytus’s Philosophy IX 11, about the year 230]


    42a “[Callistus], however, influenced ZEPHYRINUS himself to speak to the people openly: I know one God Christ Jesus, and besides him no other begotten and passible; then indeed [CALLISTUS] said: The Father did not die, but the Son: in such a way as this he kept up the perpetual dispute among the people.


    When we had learned his [CALLISTUS’S] purposes, we did not yield, refuting and resisting for the sake of truth: driven to madness, especially because all agreed to his pretext-not we, however-he invoked two gods, voluntarily discharging the virus which lay hidden in his internal organs.”


    The Absolving of Sins *


    [Fragment from Tertullian’s “De pudicitia” c. 1]


    43 “I also hear that an edict is published and is indeed final. Evidently the Supreme Pontiff, because he is the bishop of bishops, declares: I forgive the sins of adultery and fornication to those who have performed the penance.” *


    1. URBANUS 222-230 ST. ANTERUS 235-236


    1. PONTIANUS 230-235 ST. FABIANUS 235-250