SIXTUS IV 1471-1484

Errors of Peter de Osma (the Sacrament of Penance) *


[Condemned in the Bull “Licet ea,” August 9, 1479]


724 (1) That the confession of sins in species will be found really in a statute of the universal Church, not in divine law;


725 (2) that mortal sins with respect to blame and punishment of the other world are abolished without confession, by contrition of heart only;


726 (3) moreover, bad thoughts are forgiven by displeasure only;


727 (4) that it is not demanded of necessity that confession be secret; *


728 (5) that those who confess should not be absolved, if penance has not been done;


729   (6) that the Roman Pontiff cannot remit the punishment of purgatory;*


731 (7) cannot dispense with respect to what the universal Church has established;


732 (8) also that the sacrament of penance, as far as concerns the accumulation of grace, is of nature, but not of the institution of the New or Old Testament.


733 On these propositions we read in the Bull, Sect. 6: . . We declare each and all the above mentioned propositions to be false, contrary to the holy Catholic faith, erroneous, and scandalous, and entirely at variance with the truth of the Gospels, also contrary to the decrees of the holy Fathers and other apostolic constitutions and to contain manifest heresy.