PIUS IX 1846-1878

“Syllabus,” or Collection of Modern Errors *

[Excerpted from various Allocutions, Encyclicals, Epistles of PIUS IX, together with (the above quoted) Bull, “Quanta cure,” edited Dec. 8, 1864]


Comprising the particular errors of our age, which are noted in consistorial Allocutions, in Encyclical and other Apostolic Letters of His Holiness, our Lord Pope Pius IX *

Sec. VII. Errors Concerning Natural and Christian Ethics


1756 56. The laws of morals by no means need divine sanction, and there is not the least need that human laws conform to the natural law, or receive the power of binding from God (26).


1757 57. The science of philosophy and of morals, likewise the civil laws, can and should ignore divine and ecclesiastical authority (26).


1758 58. Other powers should not be recognized except those which have their basis in the material (physical side of man), and all moral discipline and honesty should be employed to accumulate and increase wealth in any way whatsoever, and to satisfy man’s pleasures (26, 28).


1759 59. Right consists in a physical fact; all the duties of men are an empty name, and all human deeds have the force of right (26).


1760 60. Authority is nothing more than numbers and the sum of material strengths (26).


1761 61. The chance injustice of an act brings no detriment to the sanctity of the right (24).


1762 62. The principle of “nonintervention” must be proclaimed and observed (22).


1763 63. It is lawful to withhold obedience to legitimate rulers, indeed even to rebel (1, 2, 5, 20).


1764 64. The violation of any most sacred oath, and even any criminal and disgraceful action repugnant to eternal law, not only must by no means be reproved, but is even altogether lawful and worthy of the highest praise, when it is done for love of country (4).

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