COUNCIL OF CONSTANCE 1414-1418: Ecumenical XVI (against Wycliffe, Hus, etc.)


Condemnation of the Proposition Concerning Tyrannicide*


690 The holy Synod, July 6, 1415 declares and defines this opinion: “Any tyrant can lawfully and meritoriously be killed and ought so to be killed by any vassal or subject of his, even by secret plots, and subtle flattery and adulation, regardless of any oath of fealty or any pact made with him, without waiting for an opinion or command of any judge whatsoever”, . . . is erroneous in faith and morals, and it (the Synod) condemns and rejects it as heretical, scandalous, and as offering a way to frauds, deceptions, lies, treasons, and false oaths. In addition it declares decrees, and defines that those who persistently sow this most pernicious doctrine are heretics . . . .