Our Times Series with Fr Ripperger


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  1. Dear Father Ripperger, I have followed your video conferences for quite a while and have purchased Deliverance Prayers. I truly appreciate you are a traditional priest who understands the necessity of being under the authority of a bishop. I attend an independent chapel and do wish we had the protection of the hierarchy. That said, I wish you would give traditional Catholics a break and stop the constant criticisms. I am a Catholic who attends the Latin Mass because I came to understand after much study it is the best way to worship God. As a traditional Catholic I hear critics say those trads are “rigid”, “old-fashioned,” “out of touch” “they raise their children in a bubble” etc. This criticism comes from the clergy, the laity, and, of course, the Holy Father. What a waste of words and how unchairitable. The majority of the traditional Catholics I know are not “prideful” Catholics, but people who have undergone a change of heart and have through the grace of God returned to tradition. Do we think novus ordo Catholics are less? Are we better than they are? No. Very few of my friends came from traditional homes. We were the Catholics who filled the novus ordo pews for twenty, thirty, and in my case nearly forty years. We sent our children to Catholic elementary, high school and in some cases universities. We were the Eucharistic ministers, the bible study ministers, the youth group ministers, etc. We became disillusioned with all of the novelty and non-Catholic teaching. So here we are. Some of us go to SSPX, an indult, or an independent chapels. Pray for us as we pray for you.

    1. just FYI I’m not Fr R. You can email him on his website http://sensustraditionis.org/ if you want to do so. Just saying with all charity if your chapel is independent and not under the bishop then that is not good. Just bc one goes to a traditional Mass does not make it ‘traditional’ or doing everything Catholic. St Bellarmine, in his book the Controversies, in the Church Militant speaks of if you are not under the bishop you are in schism. That’s not me saying that that is a doctor of the Church. Hopefully that won’t get you angry (bc the first emotion when truth is presented is anger as Augustine said) and follow the truth wherever that may take you whether it is comfortable or not. If you love the TLM then please go to one that is authorized.

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