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The Practice of the Presence of God: The Best Rule of Holy Life



First Conversation

Second Conversation

Third Conversation

Fourth Conversation


FIRST LETTER: How the habitual sense of God’s Presence was found

SECOND LETTER: Difference between himself and others

THIRD LETTER: For a soldier friend whom he encourages to trust in God

FOURTH LETTER: encourages his correspondent to press on to fuller practising of the Presence of God.

FIFTH LETTER: Prayer for a sister who is about to make a vow and profession

SIXTH LETTER: To a member of the order who had received from him a book

SEVENTH LETTER: live and die with God and promises and asks for prayer

EIGHTH LETTER: Concerning wandering thoughts in prayer

NINTH LETTER: Enclosing a letter to a corresponding sister

TENTH LETTER: Has difficulty, but sacrifices his will, to write as requested

ELEVENTH LETTER: To one who is in great pain

TWELFTH LETTER: comfort through faith.

THIRTEENTH LETTER: entire confidence in God, for body and soul.


FIFTEENTH LETTER: From his death-bed