Secret of Sanctity




Chapter I. — Of the Regulation of our Actions,

I. — Advantage of a Rule

II.— Rule of Life

Chapter II.— The First Actions of the Day, The First-fruits of our Actions

Chapter III. — Mental and Vocal Prayer

I. — Mental Prayer

II. — Vocal Prayer

Chapter IV. — Short Method of Prayer according to the Spirit of St. Francis de Sales, and Preliminary Advice on Prayer by Mgr. Camus, Bishop of Belley

Chapter V. — On the Presence of God

Chapter VI. — Advice on Prayer

Chapter VII.— St. Francis de Sales’ Rules for Meditation

Chapter VIII.— The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Chapter IX.— The two Examens

Particular Examen

General Examen

Chapter X. — Of Confession and Direction

Chapter XI. — Holy Communion

Chapter XII.— The Occupations of the Day

Chapter XIII.— Of a State of Life

Chapter XIV.— Of the Exercise of One’s Charge

Chapter XV. — Of Visits and Conversation

Chapter XVI.— Silence

Chapter XVII.— Visits to the Blessed Sacrament

Chapter XVIII.— Spiritual Recollection

Chapter XIX. — Of Aspirations, Ejaculatory Prayers, and Good Thoughts

Chapter XX. — St. Francis de Sales’ Manner of Performing his Actions



First Treatise. — The Sources of our Imperfections and their Remedies

Second Treatise. — Mortification

I. — True Idea of Mortification

II. — Necessity of Mortification

III. — Reply to Various Objections

IV. — Benefits and Advantages of Mortification

V. — Discretion in the Use of Mortification

VI. — Dangers to be Avoided

Third Treatise. — Prayer

Chapter I. — The Excellence and Necessity of Mental Prayer,

Chapter II. — Dispositions for Prayer

Chapter III. — Various Kinds of Prayer

Chapter IV. — Meditation

Chapter V. — Distractions

Chapter VI. — Causes of Distractions and Aridity

Chapter VII. — We must never be troubled because of Distractions and Aridity

Chapter VIII. — Remedies for Distractions

Chapter IX. — First Means of Devotion

Chapter X. — Second Means of Devotion

Chapter XI. — Third Means of Devotion

Chapter XII. — Fourth Means of Devotion

Chapter XIII. — Fifth Means of Devotion

Chapter XIV. — Sixth Means of Devotion

Chapter XV. — Seventh Means of Devotion

Chapter XVI. — Last Means of Devotion

Fourth Treatise. — The Devotion of Calvary

First Instruction. — How Important it is to Meditate on the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Second Instruction. — A New Manner of Meditating on the Passion

Third Instruction. — What they should do who cannot Meditate on the Passion

Fourth Instruction.— What they should do who have ceased to be able to Meditate on the Passion

Fifth Instruction.— In what Manner Perfect Souls may Meditate on the Passion

Fifth Treatise.— The Interior Life

Chapter I. Article I. — In what Interior Life consists

Article II. — How we ought to imitate the Interior Life of God

Article III. — How it is that we make so Little Progress in the Interior Life

Chapter II. — Of the Motives that lead us to the Interior Life

Article I. — We make No Progress in the Ways of Perfection unless we give ourselves to the Interior Life

Article II. — Without Prayer we cannot acquit ourselves of the Duties of our Vocation, nor gather Fruit from our Ministrations

Article III. — Peace is not found except in the Interior Life, and our Dissatisfactions spring only from our not being Interior Men

Chapter III. — The Occupations of the Interior Life

Article I. — Of Watchfulness over our Interior

Article II. — How Important it is that we should join the Interior with our Exterior Occupations

Article III. — We ought not to engage in Exterior Occupations of our own Accord

Chapter IV. — Advice for the Interior Life

Article IV — We ought to cultivate the Will more than the Understanding

Article II.— The Path of Faith is a Safer Way to Perfection than that of Sensible Graces

Article III. — The Best Mode of Practising the Virtues

Sixth Treatise. — Means of Acquiring Perfection



Chapter I. — Union of the Soul with a God through Contemplation

Chapter II. — The Doctrine of St. Francis de Sales in regard to Contemplation

Divine Love seeks Solitude and Silence

Difference between Meditation and Contemplation

The Knowledge of God is less necessary to us than Love

How Contemplation reduces all this to simple Unity

The Various Means which lead to Contemplation

Love collects the Powers of the Soul

Recollection is frequently produced and increased by a Gentle, Reverent Fear

Of the Repose of a Soul recollected in God

Of the Manner in which the Soul enjoys Repose in God in the Prayer of Quiet

Of the Different Degrees of the Prayer of Quiet, and the Means which should be employed to preserve the Holy Repose of the Soul

Self-denial is the Safest Means of establishing ourselves in the Presence of God

Perfect Submission to the Will of God keeps the Soul in continual Prayer


Chapter III.— Letter of St. Francis de Sales to St. Jane Frances de Chantal

Chapter IV.— The Continual Prayer of St. Francis de Sales

Chapter V.— The Life of Jesus in Mary