The Glories Of Mary



OH most holy virgin mother of God, Mary, I,
N., although most unworthy of being thy servant,
yet moved by thy wonderful mercy and by
the desire to serve thee, choose thee to-day, in
presence of my guardian angel, and of the whole
celestial court, for my especial Lady, Advocate,
and mother, and make the firm resolution
that I always will love and serve thee for the
future, and do whatever I can to induce also others
to love and serve thee. I pray thee, mother,
of God, and my most kind and amiable mother, by
the blood of thy divine Son which was shed for
me, that thou wilt receive me into the number of
thy servants for thy child and servant forever; assist
me in all my thoughts, words, and actions,
at every moment of my life, that every step and
breath may be directed to the greater glory of
my God, and through thy most powerful intercesion
obtain for me that I may never more offend
my beloved Jesus, that I may glorify and love
him in this life, and that I may also love thee,
my most beloved and dear mother, that I may
love thee and enjoy thee through eternity in
holy paradise. Amen.

My mother Mary, I recommend to thee my
soul, especially at the hour of my death.