Conversion Stories From Subscribers

Thank you to all the subscribers to the channel.  Please put your account of how Sensus Fidelium has changed your life, converted you, etc etc.


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9 thoughts on “Conversion Stories From Subscribers”

  1. Audio Sancto, Video Sancto, and now Sensus fidelium have brought light into the dark corners of our country where sound preaching is never heard. Without Sensus Fidellium I wouldn’t even know who the FSSP, ICK, and MSJB are. I would have remained a religious indifferentist.

    May God Bless this work!

  2. I am deeply grateful for the work of Sensus Fidelium. The Latin Mass is barely available in my diocese, and we don’t have the Fraternity here nor the ICK. It is such a consolation to listen to the sermons on Sensus Fidelium, since we don’t hear this depth of teaching and catechesis from our Diocesan priests. I have a BA in Theology from the University of Notre Dame, and I thought I knew my Catholic faith. I would not have learned that I was a modernist and that I had learned heresy without the ministry of this website. God bless and continue it.

  3. Prior to moving to an area with a traditional Catholic parish, the sermons on Sensus Fidelium was what we had to nourish us in the Faith. What my family learned, and the ramifications of this learning, cannot be measured by earthly means. We grew to know TRUE Catholicism, and came to realize we needed to move in order to save our souls. And we did just that.

    Now we utilize the sermons here not only to grow in the Faith ourselves, but to share the truth with others. I cannot count how many times I have shared a sermon with someone who was clueless about a certain teaching of Holy Mother Church, and asked for “proof” of such teaching. Most will not pick up a lengthy book (if they can even find a solid one), but they will take the time to listen to a sermon!

    Thank you for sharing these sermons with us. If not for Sensus Fidelium, so many would be stuck with “Jesus loves you just the way you are, and no one goes to hell, so don’t worry, be happy!” We need to hear the Truth!

  4. Sensus fidelium has helped my husband and I to be properly formed in our Catholic faith which leads us to steer our children clear of the many errors of modernism and other heresies.
    Without an FSSP or ICK nearby, we rely on the clear teaching presented here to stay nourished and focused on growing in Christ.

  5. First of all, Thank you for creating Sensus Fidelium! It is a priceless treasury of truth and knowledge. I discovered it earlier this year as I was listening to talks by Fr. Chad Ripperger. I’ve since told people about this and they all say how amazing the homilies are and want to know who these gifted priests are. Anyone who finds their way here get “well fed” and nourished beyond expectations. You’re all included in my prayers and may God continue to bless you abundantly.

  6. I have found the sermons posted at Sensus Fidelium very helpful. My family discovered “Traditional Catholicism” recently and having access to solid traditional sermons online has been a tremendous gift. Being able to share them with freinds and family in Dioceses where this kind of teaching simply is not available is a huge blessing as well.
    Thank you first to our Lord, who has given us the Catholic Church for our salvation. Second to the Catholic Priests featured here, whose sermons teach faithfully the Catholic faith and finally thank you to Steve for making them available online.

  7. The tremendous spiritual help we have gotten through Audio Sancto and now Sensus Fidelium cannot truly be described. During my husband’s deployment they were the only thing he had to uphold him while being overseas without the Traditional Mass and often even without the Ordinary Form Mass. They have helped me and our children as well to grow, every PCS used to bring stress about what parish or military chapel we would get and whether or not the faith would be truly taught there, ever since discovering Audio Sancto and Sensus Fidelium we have the blessing of continuing to be spiritually fed even when our local priests might not always be able to for whatever reason.

  8. Sensus has helped my wife, in-laws and myself grow much deeper in the faith. I was a cafeteria catholic before listening to Sensus; but now I am as traditional as can be and incredibly fascinated with the incredible richness of the faith. I have made sure to share Sensus with my friends and family and they too have experienced a similar deepening of faith (I also have a Sensus sticker on the side of my car). I am incredibly grateful for the work that goes into Sensus. Please keep up the good work and God bless!

  9. I grew up Methodist and am a recent convert to Catholicism. I knew nothing of the Norvus Ordo or Vatican II prior to finding Sensus Fidelium. I thought the current Catholic church was more traditional than any Protestant church, but I wanted more. I wanted to know what happened to the Latin mass and what I was missing out on. Sensus Fidelium has helped bring the traditional Catholic faith into my life and pointed me in directions and sent me down rabbit holes in search of information that I never knew existed. I am happier with my faith now than ever before, all while being disgusted and saddened by the suppressing of the truth that I now know is happening. I always look forward to the latest sermons being posted and learn something new with each one. God bless Sensus Fidelium and everyone involved with its operation. You are doing God’s work in a time when our society is trying to tear our Rosaries from our hands and hide the truth from us. We are in engaged in a silent war for our faith, a war that most people don’t even know is happening. Those of us that DO know, must inform those that DON’T. Sensus is something that ALL Catholics should be subscribed to. The future of our faith depends on it. It’s THAT important.

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